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Demanding Characteristics of a Photographer

[tm_heading tag=»h5″ custom_google_font=»» font_weight=»500″ text=»Professional photographers work in different fields, including wedding and portrait photography, photojournalism, medical, scientific and industrial photography, fashion and advertising photography. They work in studios or on location, and may be employees or freelance photographers. » font_size=»lg:18″ line_height=»1.94″][tm_spacer size=»lg:45″][tm_heading tag=»div» custom_google_font=»» text=»Despite the differences, all photographers share a number of demanding characteristics, including excellent technical skills, an ability to work with people, a strong creative sense and good commercial judgment.»][tm_spacer size=»lg:50″][tm_image image_size=»custom» align=»center» image=»107″ image_size_width=»770″ image_size_height=»510″][tm_spacer size=»lg:46″][tm_heading tag=»div» custom_google_font=»» text=»Photographers must have excellent technical skills. They must be familiar with camera operations and have a good understanding of exterior and studio lighting. Also, they should be able to use photo-editing software to carry out post-production work. Photographers can develop their technical skills through training programs at art schools or colleges offering photography courses.»][tm_blockquote text=»We point past each other with our words, arguing as though we are looking at the same facts and experiences.»][tm_heading tag=»div» custom_google_font=»» text=»An ability to work with people is important for photographers who concentrate on wedding, portraiture, fashion and editorial photography. They must be able to put their subjects at ease and gain their cooperation to achieve the results they want. Photographers also work closely with art directors, designers and editors when they’re working on advertising, fashion or editorial assignments. Photojournalists collaborate with writers to create a strong story that combines editorial with relevant images.

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