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12 Eye-candy Multipurpose WordPress Themes

[tm_heading tag=»h5″ custom_google_font=»» font_weight=»500″ text=»I did this post for my personal photography blog, but I figured this is an important subject that I hope the Fstoppers community will benefit from. By all means add to this list in the comments below if you have any suggestions! I get this email all the time: «I’m a new/aspiring/struggling/young photographer and I want to know what advice you have for me?« » font_size=»lg:18″ line_height=»1.94″][tm_spacer size=»lg:45″][tm_heading tag=»div» custom_google_font=»» text=»I literally get this email or tweet or facebook message daily. I suppose that’s what I get for teaching at conferences and offering whatever possibly wisdom that I can share publicly. For a long time, I considered just making a form letter, but then thought that would also be very impersonal…so those emails and messages were placed in a folder awaiting a time I could give my personal input. «][tm_spacer size=»lg:50″][tm_image image_size=»custom» align=»center» image=»107″ image_size_width=»770″ image_size_height=»510″][tm_spacer size=»lg:46″][tm_heading tag=»div» custom_google_font=»» text=»So here you are. You’ve chosen one of the most challenging and highly competitive careers in the marketplace today. Are you crazy? Ah, that’s ok if you are because it is also supremely rewarding if you find your own success with it (I wrote an old blog post on my personal take on life as a workoholic photographer). Although, be prepared. It is HARD work. Most photographers statistically make poverty income if you consider the high expense of gear, insurance, and personal marketing. «][tm_blockquote text=»We point past each other with our words, arguing as though we are looking at the same facts and experiences.»][tm_heading tag=»div» custom_google_font=»» text=»Not all of you will succeed as shooters in the end… and that’s ok because you are going to give it your best and if it’s not for you, there are a bunch of other related jobs you can do with your photography knowledge (retouchers, producers, agents, creative directors, photo editors, etc). In the end, the odds are against you, but if you are willing to work, plan, be strategic, and be true to yourself creatively…you may have a fighting chance to really make it! (Source:»]

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